Build Secure VLAN Networks with ‘Shibby’ Router Firmware

Tomato is a family of community-developed, custom firmware for consumer-grade computer networking routers and gateways powered by Broadcom chipsets. The goal of the project is to provide users with an alternative to the firmware pre-installed on their equipment by the manufacturer, providing: Build Secure VLAN Networks with ‘Shibby’ Router Firmware Mar 10, 2016 Configuring a second router as a WiFi access point using Basic Settings – WAN section 1. Disable the WAN – Type: Disabled 2. Check “Bridge WAN port to primary LAN (br0) Basic Settings – LAN section 3. Choose a new IP address for the router that is not currently in use on your network. (I’m assigning it to 3. Disable DHCP 4. Set the Gateway to the address of your main router 5. AdvancedTomato :: Open Source Broadcom Firmware

Mar 09, 2014

Top 5 Routers for 2018 to flash with Tomato and DD-WT. Top 5 DD-WRT & Tomato Routers. Tomato and DD-WRT firmware are open source alternatives for some routers that both significantly increase the router's capabilities, boost their functionality and offer increased performance, security and QoS options. They take a $150.00 to $400.00 router and make it a $1250.00 plus router. Although there are other versions of open source firmware, Tomato and DD Optimize Your Home WiFi Network: Increase Your WiFi Speed Oct 30, 2019

These two settings are legacies from the WRT54 series. They allow the dedication of one or other antenna sockets to transmit and/or receive, useful if you intend to use directional, high gain antennas. Transmit Power. A safe increase of up to 70 would be suitable for most users.

Edit: solved! I'm using a Tomato router (Netgear R6300v1, shibby 1.28 FreshTomato MIPS 2020.5) as an access point and I'd like it to obtain its own IP address via DHCP. On DD-WRT I was able to do this by adding the following lines to my startup script: [ ! -e /tmp/udhcpc ] && ln -s /sbin/rc /tmp/udhcpc udhcpc -i br0 -p /var/run/ -s /tmp/udhcpc -H `nvram get wan_hostname` Setup Wi-Fi VLANs with Tomato on RT-N66U - NetOSec Oct 14, 2019 AdvancedTomato :: Downloads Quick Filter. Asus RT-AC3200. Asus RT-AC56U Anyone having slow Wifi issues with Tomato on the R8000 Thanks, I reinstalled Tomato USB and now my wifi speeds on 5ghz are doing much better, better than ddwrt. The 2.4ghz has some issues, but I'm not as worried about those. Just curious for the 5ghz channels, what settings are you using for channel width and …