Mar 29, 2017 · Select “Exit” to safely shut down the server. Relaunch the application as you normally would using a shortcut in your Start Menu, Dock, or the like to fire it up. If you’re running Plex Media Server on a unix-like platform like Linux or FreeBSD, you’ll start, stop, and restart your Plex Media Server from the command line.

Mar 15, 2020 · If you’re wondering, X Server provides you with graphical desktop interface in the Linux environment. X server can freezes because of bugs from the graphic drivers. For you to able to restart the X Server without restarting your Ubuntu machine, from the terminal run one of these commands: Ubuntu 11.04 or newer using Gnome. sudo service gdm The command line offers a direct method of carrying out certain server administration tasks. It also enables you to include PSADMIN actions in scripts, and simplifies the task of creating numerous domains that use default server settings. Good write-up, but you left out my most common scenario for using this on the command line: When I'm RDP'd into a machine, and the restart (and shut down) option(s) aren't available through the start menu. The simpana command gets copied to /usr/bin as well, so you do not need to go to the "Base" directory to run it. In addition to "stop" and "start" there is a "restart" command as well as a "list" and "status" to check the processes and configuration. There is also a "help" to print out all available options. Enjoy. Linux doesn't have general command for restart, normally you should kill your process and start it over. However, if your process has been started as a service, i.e. it's contained in /etc/init.d/ directory, then you can do the following:

How to Restart Linux server using putty ssh client on

Below you can find syntax of this command for various use cases. The below commands work on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and all other server editions. Command to reboot windows computer shutdown /r. The above command will set a time out of 30 seconds to close the applications. After 30 seconds, windows reboot will start. In this tutorial we can learn how to reboot the Linux system using command line tools. If you have a single board computer or you are running a headless computer (one without a display) then you might want to know how to shut the computer down and restart it without physically pulling the power. @uval, sudo reboot reboots all your system, that is the computer, while this restarts only the Xorg server, so that other programs, which do not require a graphical interface, for instance a web server, can continue to work.

How to Reboot Linux Using the Command Line

Install a MID Server on Linux - From the Linux command line, type mkdir -p /servicenow/ mid server name to create the installation directory. You need to have read/write/execute permissions on this folder. You need to have read/write/execute permissions on this folder. QuickQuestion: How to start and stop SQL Server instance