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Introduction to Threads - YouTube May 24, 2019 Creating Threads - Win32 apps | Microsoft Docs Creating Threads. 05/31/2018; 4 minutes to read; In this article. The CreateThread function creates a new thread for a process. The creating thread must specify the starting address of the code that the new thread is to execute. Typically, the starting address is the name of a function defined in the program code (for more information, see Single-threaded and Multi-threaded Processes Oct 11, 2018

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An operating system that has thread facility, the basic unit of CPU utilization is a thread. A thread has or consists of a program counter (PC), a register set, and a stack space. Threads are not independent of one other like processes as a result threads shares with other threads their code section, data section, OS resources also known as

Threads and Processes In an operating system, a process is a job or a program that can be executed by the computer. Think of MS Word application, which is a process that runs on computer. But an

Common in UNIX operating systems (Solaris, Linux, Mac OS X) Windows Threads Implements the one-to-one mapping Each thread contains A thread id Register set Separate user and kernel stacks Private data storage area The register set, stacks, and private storage area are known as the context of the threads