Unfortunately, Mac OS and Windows cannot provide this. Therefore, there is a client on Mac OS to run Docker. In addition to this, there is an abstraction layer between Mac OS kernel and applications (Docker containers) and the filesystems are not the same. Because of that, Docker runs on Mac OS slowly.

Fix your slow Mac once and for all - CNET They could very well make a difference. Quit all open apps. Don't just close the windows, but right-click on the app icon in the dock and select "Quit." Discuss: Fix your slow Mac once and for MacBook Pro Running Slow? Reasons Why and How to Fix It (2020) Mar 15, 2020 Mac Slow Startup? 7 Possible Causes and Fixes Mar 03, 2020

Nevertheless, i had an absurd experience with 3Com switches some years ago. It worked perfectly with windows and linux machines, with any kind of traffic i put there; but anything that involved a mac was stupidly slow (like 100kbits/sec or so).

May 02, 2020 6 Common iMac Slow Issues (And How to Fix Them 2019) Aug 19, 2019

Aug 04, 2019 · 5 Reasons Why Chrome Can Be Slow on Mac (And How to Fix It) August 4, 2019 July 28, 2019 Chrome is the preferred web browser for thousands of users as it seamlessly syncs across devices and effectively integrates with all of Google’s products.

Mac Internet Slow? Here Are 8 Ways to Speed it Up A slow Mac internet is at the very least frustrating. While sometimes the issue is with your router or internet service provider, your Mac could be the issue as well. Simple tricks like switching to Safari or updating your router can help you get the most speed from your connection. macOS High Sierra Slow? 8 Common Issues (How to Fix or