Apr 18, 2015 · To use any of these apps to secure your accounts, you need to make sure you go through the usual process to enable two-factor authentication on Google or activate any other services that need two-factor authentication. Instead of entering the key into a mobile app, all you do is to enter it on your desktop. 1. GAuth Authenticator

Re: Multi-Factor Authentication for people without a Smart Phone? Hi @Vasil Michev , I have a customer with a similar situation wherein they would like to use UB keys , but they dont have an option to leverage that option at the time of configuration, wherein it still prompts the user to use the authenticator app . Simple Ways to Restore Google Authenticator (with Pictures) Feb 03, 2020 How to set-up and use Google Authenticator on your phone Oct 29, 2017 Google Authenticator – Apps on Google Play

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Check Time and Date. Whenever Google Authenticator stops working on your iPhone, you should … ‎Google Authenticator on the App Store Sep 19, 2010

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Google Authenticator’s first Android update in years lets May 06, 2020 How to Use and Download Google Authenticator for Windows Pc Jun 04, 2020 5sec Google Authenticator 2-Step Login Protection 1.20