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Sep 30, 2019 · Today, Virgin Media's new DOCSIS 3.1-powered 1Gbps broadband, dubbed Gig1 Fibre, is being made available to approx 100,000 homes in Southampton. There is a new router launch alongside this gigabit I access Virgin email ONLY from the Web - everything else comes in to my Laptop from my 'using' Email address - which is given to those who need it. Remember also that should you get totally fed up and decide to leave Virgin your email will be shut down by them - officially after 90 days - but this time varies, and you will not be warned before Where to begin with VirginMedia support except to say it's all coming true for me. It's truly Kafka-esque. Me - Broadband only Quick start arrived, selected this as previous tenant had Virgin. Plugged up, flashing internet symbol. Waited and hour, as mentioned on vm dot com/bbsetup1 Nothing. Did the They have sent me a bag to send back the equipment but I have read on the virgin media forums they still charge people months after they have left demanding money and even threatening them with the bailiffs. I’ve paid £58 this month for internet I don’t even have anymore. Ive had virgin for a while now and noticed that the internet keeps cutting off. It seems to happen when my son is on his ps4. Driving me crazy Solved: I have lost count I have rebooted TIVO box, and set up fails on connecting. All wires are connected properly, and boosters all - 4342968 UK ISP Exascale, which last year started to build a new Fibre-to-the-Premises broadband network to cover premises around parts of Telford in Shropshire (), has split their business into two – one side will focus on bringing gigabit “full fibre” to homes and the other will focus on biz and wholesale connectivity.

Broadband, Virgin were always pretty good and reliable with this but the cost has gone up a lot! And to add insult to injury it’s not very reliable over the past year.

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Hello, What I'm trying to do is be able to leave my Virgin Hub 3 on, and then when abroad, connect into my Virgin Broadband so it acts like a VPN and uses my residential home IP address, so I can run a VOIP phone and wired laptop into a Sim Card powered Router, and everything would look the same as normal. Find help for all of your Virgin Media Broadband, TV, Phone and Mobile services here, from help with your account and billing to troubleshooting problems.