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zlib-1.2.7-18.el7.x86_64.rpm CentOS 7 Download 2018-07-09 - Pavel Raiskup - 1.2.7-18 - Link with -z now for full RELRO 2016-05-19 - jchaloup - 1.2.7-17 - Fix writing empty files on gzopen()/gzclose() resolves: #1337441 2016-04-27 - jchaloup - 1.2.7-16 - Fix serious but very rare decompression bug in inftrees.c (upstream patch) resolves: #1127330 How to install .src.rpm packages in openSuse | Linux This tutorial will cover the basics on how to install a .src.rpm package in OpenSuse. This applies to any SuSE version, and actually also to other distros (except step 5) as well.. you need to install the rpmbuild command itself, it complains about dependencies; As a root, type: Open MPI: Version 4.0 Source RPM Notes May 20, 2019 rpmbuild tutorial - how to build rpm packages

Install the source RPM for your mod_perl RPM and then do a build prep, (with rpm -bp apache-devel-x.x.x-x.src.rpm) which unpacks the sources. From there, copy the four header files (mod_perl.h, mod_perl_version.h, mod_perl_xs.h, and mod_PL.h) to /usr/include/apache.

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Jun 15, 2017 CentOS 7 Download inotify-tools is a set of command-line programs for Linux providing a simple interface to inotify. These programs can be used to monitor and act upon filesystem events. Install an RPM Package on Ubuntu Linux - How-To Geek Jul 05, 2017