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Versions of Samba prior to 1.9.17 had this parameter default to yes. If you have any older versions of Samba on your network, it is strongly suggested you upgrade to a recent version, or at the very least set the parameter to “ no ” on all these machines. Machines configured with wins support = yes will keep a list of all NetBIOS names registered with them, acting as a DNS for NetBIOS names. Samba/SambaServerGuide - Community Help Wiki Nov 19, 2014 How to Install and Configure SWAT (Samba Web

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DISTRICT ADMINISTRATION COMPLEX BLOCK 2. National Disaster Management Act 2005 (COVID-19 Outbreak) Important telephone numbers Emergency services Tourism Documents About District. It is said that Samba was principally established somewhere in 1400 A.D. As per folklore, Malh Dev, the younger son of Rai Saidu of Lakhanpur was the founder of Samba Samba | Administration Guide | SUSE Linux Enterprise NetBIOS uses its own, completely independent naming convention. However, it is recommended to use names that correspond to DNS host names to make administration easier or use DNS natively. This is the default used by Samba. Samba server. Samba server provides SMB/CIFS services and NetBIOS over IP naming services to clients. How to Install and Configure Samba on Ubuntu 18.04 | Linuxize

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Network Administration: Samba smb.conf File If you like the raw power that comes from editing configuration files, fire up your favorite text editor and play with the Samba configuration file. It’s called smb.conf and is usually located in the /etc/samba directory, although some distributions may place this file in another location. 36. SWAT: The Samba Web Administration Tool Features and Benefits Guidelines and Technical Tips Validate SWAT Installation Enabling SWAT for Use Securing SWAT through SSL Enabling SWAT Internationalization Support Overview and Quick Tour The SWAT Home Page Global Settings Share Settings Printers Settings The SWAT Wizard The Status Page The View Page GOsa GOsa is a PHP-based administration tool for role-based managing of accounts and systems in LDAP databases. Standard configurations can manage generic, POSIX/shadow, postfix/cyrus/sieve, pureftpd, fax, and samba 2/3 accounts in LDAP. It has plugins for Asterisk, FAI, and system/terminal management.