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Tx- power is a measure of how strong the signal is transmitted. The best setting is the minimum level necessary to keep the signal with the boundaries of the WiFi’s location. You don’t want the signal extending past your house because if it does t R8000 - DD-WRT extremely poor performance | MyOpenRouter Hi All, I just bought R8000 and tried both stock and DD-WRT f/w With stock I could get up to 800Mbps, however right after flashing router with dd-wrt f/w - I could not get over 250Mbps Tried to play with the channels, features, but could not get anything better than this I need SSH functionality so that was a reason I flashed it with dd-wrt, however stock seems way better Guide to DD-WRT (custom firmware) for DIR-615 Dec 29, 2010

I think I've seen a power setting on a DD-WRT 3rd party firmware? Googled and you can decrease (or increase) the TX power. Decreasing power although it would decrease the signal range also decreases the strength of the signal overall, that is less strong closer to the router, so devices that now connect on the far end will have a hard time.

How to Supercharge Your Router with DD-WRT Few routers utilize their full potential out of the box because their firmware limits their functionality. Thanks to an open-source project called DD-WRT, you can unlock your router’s potential How to Boost Your Wi-Fi Network Signal and Increase Range Jul 11, 2017

i'm in love with these router that allow custom firmwares like DD-WRT, Tomatoe, and OpenWRT. Does anyone have a WRT32x that can confirm they can adjust "TX Power" Settings? All newer WRT routers you can't adjust the TX power due to change in firmware to comply with FCC rules regarding TX power.

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