Mar 31, 2020 · Add websites to the block list. To block a website in your computer's browsers, do the following: Type in and press Tab ↹. Type in a website's address without the "www" section (e.g., "", ""). Press ↵ Enter to start a new line, then repeat the above two steps with other addresses you want to block.

I had the same symptoms (new Windows 10 install, and certain websites wouldn't work) as above and tried all the previous solutions--which didn't work. So I did two things. I completely uninstalled my Avast antivirus software, and I did the clean boot as suggested. Upon restarting my computer, I was able to access all sites. One curious thing to Mar 05, 2012 · Then you have the slightly-geeky trick to that helps you block any of the known websites on your computer. A More Straightforward Solution to Block Sites If you are looking for a more simple solution to keep all adult sites off your computers, switch to FamilyShield as described in the following video: Using BrowseControl's Category Filter, you can block inappropriate websites on Google Chrome by blocking websites by categories such as Adult, Porn, Violence, and more. BrowseControl's category filter works on all major browsers including Google Chrome, and prevent any user from visiting sites in the blocked category lists. Check "User can only use the websites I allow" and click "Allows or block specific websites". Enter the URL of the website you want to block and click Block . The site will appear in the Blocked websites list.

Aug 10, 2018 · This can cause problems for many people, so many of you may be looking for ways to block YouTube on your computer. We’re here to help you do it. Whether you want to stop yourself from procrastinating, or want to prevent your children or employees from accessing the YouTube site, there’s a way for you to block YouTube.

May 17, 2020 · Moving on, you can also block websites by making changes to Windows’ hosts’ file. This file dictates how your computer connects to specified domains – when you enter a domain on a browser, the hosts’ file will redirect you elsewhere if the hosts’ file specifies it to.

Apr 01, 2020 · Computer with internet connection requires special lookout if it is used in schools or universities as some people might use internet connection for using unnecessary websites. To ensure the proper use of internet we can block website on computer by blocking urls so that we can’t access those website.

Sep 18, 2010 · There you will find a tab (I think it might be "privacy", but I'm not sure) where you can block websites by entering their URLs. Another way to do it is on the router, if you use one. Most routers can be configured to block network computers (based on their ip addresses) from websites that you choose. Nov 12, 2018 · Thus, you can consider it a super-safe method to block all websites on Windows 10. For those who are unaware, a proxy server acts as the gateway between your computer and the internet. Let's see If you want a reliable and easy way to block YouTube and other time-wasting websites, you can use special filter software. HT Parental Controls and HT Work Focus allow you to block or limit any website, block thousands of sites from selected categories, block adult sites, block all websites except those whitelisted, and much more. Whether you are protecting your children or hiding personal information, there are ways to block unwanted websites from your computer. Follow this tutorial and learn how to accomplish this on a Windows PC easily. Step 1: Block websites Block web sites on Internet Explorer by opening the browser and clicking Tools. Select Internet Options.