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To allow ec2-user to manage files in the default root directory for your Apache web server, modify the ownership and permissions of the /var/www directory. In this tutorial, you add a group named www to your EC2 instance. Then you give that group ownership of the /var/www directory and add write permissions for the group. Tutorial: Create a Web Server and an Amazon RDS DB This tutorial helps you install an Apache web server with PHP and create a MySQL database. The web server runs on an Amazon EC2 instance using Amazon Linux, and the MySQL database is an Amazon RDS MySQL DB instance.Both the Amazon EC2 instance and the DB instance run in a virtual private cloud (VPC) based on the Amazon VPC service. Apache Web Server on AWS -How to launch Jan 03, 2020 What is AWS (Amazon Web Services) and How Does it Work?

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Feb 16, 2017

Create a free virtual private server on Amazon Web Services

Jan 28, 2020 Should I use AWS or maintain my own server? - Quora Do not go with hosting your own server. You should consider AWS if the traffic you get is not even throughout. If you are constantly using resources, AWS will suck you out with huge Bills. Instead I would suggest to go with Google Cloud, or someth What is Amazon Web Services (AWS)? - Definition from Feb 16, 2017 Which AWS EC2 instance should I use for my web server? - Quora This is a "How long is a piece of string?" question. We don't know what the expected load is on your server, for example - how many concurrent requests you're handling. That will determine two things: how many web servers you'll need (I'll come ba