Jul 26, 2018 · Go to Google.com. 2. Search for any term. 3. Click on settings. 4. Click on Search settings. 5. Scroll down to region settings and choose a location you want to enable. 6. Click on save to save your settings. If you have followed the out listed steps carefully then you must have achieved your aim on how to change google search location.

Go to google play store and change the profile. Click on settings and select Country and Profiles option. Here you will be shown both the countries corresponding to your profiles which were created in Google payments; Select UK and start using google payments. Do remember that you can only change the country once every year. To change the currency format in Google Doc Spreadsheet to Rs., follow the below steps. Go to File->Spreadsheet Settings. Choose your country under “Locale” and under “Time Zone” your countries time zone. For example, I’ve selected India under “Locale” and “GMT +5:30” under “Time Zone”. Then Save Settings. That’s all Changing the default language in Google Drive. Open Google Drive. If prompted, log into your Google account. In the upper-right corner of the screen, click the icon and select Settings from the drop-down menu. On the left side of the window that appears, ensure that the General tab is selected. Select Change language settings under the Language Nov 25, 2012 · I made my account a long time back so my account was registered as being in the US. However I live in the UK now and because of this I have multiple issues when trying to access content though my windows phone, my xbox and my Windows 8 PC. It would awesome if someone helped me change the country associated with my email. Make Google your default search provider in your browser to get the fastest access to Google Search results. Switching is fast and easy. Oct 27, 2017 · Google says it’s making the change because one out of five searches “is related to location,” and the company feels it’s critical to offer local information to provide the best results.

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If you’re a seller and change your country or region, we’ll still invoice you in the currency of the country or region you originally chose. However, it’s possible to update your billing currency once every 12 months. If you’re a managed payments seller, you can’t change your country or currency settings at the moment.

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