I am trying to use my SOCKS5 proxy with username and password authentication in Google Chromium. I have tried almost every possible proxy switcher addon available in the chrome extensions store. All of them have neglected to add support for authentication, except for "Proxy Helper", which does not work.

Betasocks provides the best Socks5 proxies. Perfect solution for Craigslist or classified posting at any section . These proxies are way better then any VPN or other socks providing sites. Also surf any blocked sites of USA and Canada. Why doesn't IE/Chrome on Windows support SOCKS5 proxies on IE9 will work fine with a SOCKS5 proxy (it detects the type of proxy automatically). For Chrome however, you can use the command line to force Chrome to use a SOCKS5 proxy rather than trying (and failing) to get its proxy settings from the ones defined for the system. Free SOCKS 5 Proxy List .TXT Socks5 Proxies. Free SOCKS 5 Proxy List. Last updated: The list is updated every 2 hours. All proxies work at the moment the list is updated. If the list doesn't load, try disabling your adblocker and reload the page. At the bottom of the page you will find the list in Plain Text and the download button.

@Luc The proxy settings in Chrome link to Internet Explorer's Internet Options. I don't see a "SOCKS" thingy in Vidalia, only the ControlPort thing. And I can't specify that its a SOCKS5 proxy in Chrome, there's no place for me to do that. I could install an extension, but …

Jul 20, 2020

Sep 27, 2019

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